YWCA New Britain

YWCA Recognizes Inspirational Women in Social Media Campaign

For 52 weeks, beginning in January 2018, YWCA New Britain has been celebrating the inspirational women who have made an impact on our community.  Those chosen for the 52 Weeks of Inspirational Women social media project inspired us through their leadership, hard work, philanthropy, and their determination to make a difference in the lives of others.

Every week, we posted a featured woman’s photo and biography on our social media accounts.  We also asked each person to provide their answer to a variety of questions such as “who is your role model and why?” and “what is your favorite inspirational quote?”.  You can view a compilation of their answers here.

Our followers on Facebook and Instagram have been given a small glimpse into the lives of these female leaders each week.  Their biographies are a blueprint on how to become a four-term state Senator, President & CEO of a major charitable foundation, an award-winning photographer, or an executive director of a local nonprofit.

Our goal with this special initiative was to celebrate the strong and inspirational women that exemplify our mission at YWCA New Britain.  Not only did we hope to recognize these deserving women, but we also hoped that reading about the many extraordinary women in our community would motivate others to follow their own personal, professional, and philanthropic passions.

While there are certainly more than 52 of them in our community, thank you to those inspirational women who participated in our campaign.