Introducing YWCA’s Data-Driven, Interactive Map Initiative

YWCA New Britain is proud to share a new public resource: an interactive data visualization map that highlights demographics, needs, and YWCA services in our community, our state, as well as the nation.

With evidence-based research that is aligned with our mission to eliminate racism and empower women, the “YWCA Data Map: A National Footprint of Women’s Empowerment” highlights key data points that demonstrate the broad impact of YWCA USA’s 160-year history as well as significant county- and state-level demographic data about income, race, gender, diversity, and unmet needs. The map also includes an overlay of designated Opportunity Zones, as well as county-level data on the percentage of women and voter registration percentages for women of color.

This data visualization tool is invaluable to our YWCA, and we share this map so that you, too, can utilize the power of local, state, and national data to meet the needs of our community.

YWCA recognizes the incredible power of publicly-accessible data in enabling identification of key patterns, trends, and outliers in large data sets and allowing decision-makers to more easily make vital, data-driven decisions. It is crucial to America's women’s empowerment movement that individuals and organizations alike create a new paradigm about the importance of data.

Join us in our journey towards data accessibility, evidence-driven decision making, and the elimination of racism and empowerment of women!