YWCA New Britain

Meet Mary Floyd

Name:  Mary Smith Floyd

Position: Work Plan Coordinator for the New Britain Work Plan to End Homelessness

Hometown: Queens, New York

Length of Service at YWCA: 11 Years


After graduating from Wesleyan University, Mary Floyd built a career focused on changing people’s lives.  Her biggest accomplishment this year was being the first C.A.N. (Central Connecticut Coordinate Access Network) group to reach the goal of housing 41 youths during their 100-day challenge project. The goal was supposed to be 40 but they surpassed it. She is also proud of the fact that her program has found jobs for over 150 homeless people.

Currently, she is finding locational resources for the homeless. For example, one of her programs, Path to Employment, provides funding to agencies that can help clients meet their needs such as getting a job, a driver’s license, or  an outfit for a job interview.

When asked how she feels about such an emotional job, she says, “I love this  job, I mean there are times that are challenging, sometimes when you can’t help people, but it is rewarding when you can see people achieving their goals.” Her future goal for this program and of the C.A.N. is to end youth homelessness in CT by 2020.

Mary has known her husband for forty years, and her happiest moments in life are the ones where they are just taking a drive and having a talk.  She also has two twin twenty-year-old sons.

Two of Mary’s favorite hobbies are reading a good book and watching tennis, especially star Roger Federer.  She may love tennis, but has been unable to master it personally.  Keep trying Mary, we believe in you!

Fun Facts:

Favorite food– Aruban

Favorite place–  San Francisco, CA ( where she has fond memories of visiting on her honeymoon before journeying to Tahiti)

Favorite TV show– Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (Netflix)

Favorite movie— It Happened One Night

Favorite book—Pride & Prejudice