YWCA New Britain Statement on the Murder of George Floyd

YWCA New Britain extends our deepest condolences to the family and friends of George Floyd, and to the larger Minneapolis and St. Paul community. We are outraged by the violence and deaths of people of color in America due to police brutality.

With protests continuing across the country, including here in Connecticut, we have seen the grief, anger, and cries for justice from all corners of our communities. We demand that federal, state, and local authorities conduct a thorough and transparent investigation into the events that led to the death of George Floyd in Minnesota, and that we bring those accountable to justice.

YWCA New Britain has a proud 110-year history of eliminating racism in our local community. Through our women’s empowerment programs, work on the East Side of town, cultural competency work, and Stand Against Racism events and initiatives, we commit ourselves to dismantling systemic racism. That work is as important now as ever.

Tracey Madden-Hennessey, Executive Director, says, “We condemn the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police Department officers. We have seen black lives lost to police violence time and time again. Racism has no place in the America we all deserve. Black lives matter. Black futures matter. We see you. We stand with you. And we will continue to fight until racism is truly eliminated.”