YWCA Statement on 2020 Election Results

While the results of this election may come as a surprise to many, an affirmation to some, and a rejection to others, it is a defining moment for the nation. In this time of change and transition, YWCA remains resolute and focused on our mission to eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.

There was too much at stake for women to stay home this election – millions of women across the country made certain their voices were heard. Now it’s time for us to stand together to reform our democracy and rebuild our country.  It is also time for lawmakers to listen to what women want and need. YWCA stands ready to work with President Biden, administration officials, and Congress to increase federal support for nonprofit programs and services, improve economic security for women, prevent gender-based violence and support survivors, ensure access to health care for women, girls, and marginalized people, protect immigrants, and to eliminate policies and practices that criminalize people of color. And when necessary, we will work fervently to oppose policies and halt legislation that would harm or oppress women, girls, and communities of color.

The voices of women, girls, and people of color are more important, now than ever before and they must be heard! Ensuring that women are represented, and their voices are amplified is our main priority. We encourage everyone to continue to stand with us as we work tirelessly to be champions for equality, to end gender discrimination, and to combat injustices across economic, political, and daily life that pose as barriers for so many.