Personal Training

Set goals and reach them with YWCA New Britain personal training!

Here at the YWCA, we believe that the body should work to its fullest potential so you can enjoy the activities that you love the most and get the most out of life.  Personal training is a one-on-one workout with a certified exercise professional.  Each workout is generally an hour long and is specifically designed for your body type and your personal goals.  Your personal trainer will motivate you to work to your full potential, track your progress, analyze your nutrition, and suggest a smart eating plan to assist your success.  Prices as low as $35/hour with convenient payment plans.  Start getting the most out of your body and your life today!


  • Free Consultation: Discuss your health history, outline your goals, and create your personal path to health with certified professionals

  • Nutrition: Evaluate one of the most important components of your journey to health, and identify what's keeping you from your best self

  • Support: Get the commitment and consistency you need with the help of our certified trainers, who have backgrounds in health, fitness, sports, and nutrition

  • Progress: Track your progress with regular weigh-ins, stay focused with a food and activity journal, and evaluate your goals with your certified trainer

For more information on personal training, contact Heather Labbe at 860-225-4681 x226 or


"I like working with the trainers at YWCA New Britain because they are thoughtful and focused on holistic well-being.  I know that my trainer's goal is to help me stay active and enjoy my life."

-Richard Creed, personal training client

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