Empower Workshops

YWCA’s Empower Workshops for professionals working with trauma survivors explore various subjects that impact trauma survivors in a holistic format addressing mind, body, and spirit. Workshops are FREE, can be scheduled at your convenience, and can be in-person or virtual.

Workshops are facilitated by Sunny Swearsky, Certified Sexual Violence Advocate/Counselor and Holistic Practitioner, and Heather Labbe, Certified Sexual Violence Advocate and Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor.

Learn how this innovative program can be beneficial to your clients and/or staff! Contact Sunny at sswearsky@ywcanewbritain.org or 860-977-7923 for more information and to book a workshop.

Click through below to see some of the trainings we offer. You can also view a PDF of the workshop menu.

BUILDING SELF-ESTEEM: This workshop focuses on what self-esteem is and how to develop a healthy relationship with ourselves.

BODY APPRECIATION: We all have bad body days-how can we love our bodies and ourselves through them?

DEVELOPING INTUITION: Intuition is listening to the quiet inner voice for guidance. In this workshop we will discuss what intuition is and how to connect with our inner guidance in order to empower ourselves.

IDENTIFYING YOUR STRENGTHS: How relying on our character strengths in crisis can get us through it quicker and easier.

UNCOVERING YOUR FAMILY’S MYTHS & DISTORTIONS: Family myths and distortions are stories that  develop within the family to keep others from knowing the reality of what is really going on. We will help participants identify and debunk those myths to allow for a more empowered present story.

EMBRACING OUR SEXUALITY: In this workshop we will dispel the many myths around sexuality and learn how to embrace our sexuality after sexual violence.

SETTING BOUNDARIES: Setting and keeping boundaries is a necessary part of life. Learn how to appreciate our space and our needs in various relationships in order to feel safe and respected.

THE STRESS RESPONSE CYCLE: The stress response cycle is a psycho-biological adaptive response designed to keep humans alive in the face of threat- that's the fancy way of defining "triggered."  In this workshop, participants will learn the difference between stress and stressors and how completing the stress response cycle can be easy and empowering.

CORE VALUES:  Knowing your core values creates a sense of individual stability, simplifies decision making, and helps to focus personal growth efforts. Workshop participants will be guided through several worksheets that will enable them to compile a short, personal list of their core values.

CORE LANGUAGE:  Participants will be guided through simple steps to discover their core language, which allows you to understand how trauma within a family system can create road blocks for personal growth.

THE EMOTIONAL GUIDANCE SYSTEM: Our emotions can help us to navigate the world. Learn how to understand the language of emotion.

THE CHAKRA SYSTEM: We are more than a body. We are energy. Learn about the seven most common energy centers and how they affect every aspect of your physical being.

CONSENT & SEXUAL ASSAULT MYTHS: This workshop incorporates two important topics. Explore healthy ways to express and talk about consent, as well as common cultural and social myths regarding sexual violence.

HEALTHY VS. UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS: This workshop incorporates the top five healthy and  unhealthy partnerships qualities.

SEXUAL VIOLENCE DISCLOSURES: Learn how to respond when someone tells you about sexual violence in their life.

PRANAYAMA:  Pranayama is the ancient yogic practice of using the breath to create and sustain a feeling of physical and emotional harmony. Participants will learn what Pranayama is and how to use a few simple yet specific practices to manage stress, anxiety, and overwhelm anytime, anywhere.

SELF CARE FOR HEALING:  Many people equate "self-care" with Netflix and pedicures, but to effectively treat the very real effects of toxic stress, you need evidence-based strategies that are sustainable and universally accessible.  What is self-care and why is it so important? This workshop will help participants create a personalized plan for managing acute and chronic stress without disrupting their bank account or their schedule.

TRAUMA INFORMED YOGA:  This workshop is a full chair yoga session taught through a trauma informed framework.  Participants will be guided to use simple yoga and mindfulness techniques to self-regulate and control stress and anxiety.


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