At YWCA New Britain, our goal is to provide the most supportive environment possible for our members and guests. This is even more important in our current environment.

We are committed to your health and fitness goals. While the Fitness Center is now open, we understand some members may not be ready to visit quite yet.

Through SugarWOD, we will be providing workouts you can do at home along with videos and wellness content to keep you motivated during this time.

SugarWOD is a fun (and FREE) mobile app that makes tracking your progress easy. PLUS it lets our incredible community interact, share successes, and provide a little extra encouragement via fist bumps and comments.


Fitness Tracks

There are four daily workout tracks available. You may purchase additional tracks that are not included in your membership a la carte for $10/month.


Get the SUGARWOD App

Here's how you can get started on SugarWOD:

Step 1: Download the app

Step 2: Create an account, select YWCA New Britain as your gym, and enter the access code

Step 3: Get at-home workouts and wellness content, engage with the community, and support your fellow members!

Download the app and get started with us today!

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