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Volunteers are critical members of the YWCA New Britain family.  We are very appreciative of all our volunteers and the invaluable work they do contributing their time and talent to our organization.  We are currently looking for volunteers in the following areas:


The YWCA seeks women, representative of the communities we serve, willing to participate in a leadership position on the Board of Directors.  Board members are elected by the membership, and accountable to the membership for the supervision of the operations.  Major functions of Board members include fundraising, strategic planning, membership development, personnel oversight, budget adoption and monitoring, building and facility oversight, and public relations.

A sub-committee of the Board of Directors, the Board of Trustees monitors the YWCA endowment, investment portfolio, and funds to specifically address facility and plant expenses.

A sub-committee of the Board of Directors, members of the Finance Committee review monthly financials and offer input to staff and the board, provide initial review and input to budget development prior to approval, and provide feedback and guidance to the agency audit process.

Events and fundraising activities offer opportunities to take a leadership role at the YWCA.  Individuals may help plan and participate in events that support the mission and sustainability of the YWCA, such as the Women in Leadership Luncheon and Evening of Treasures Auction.

A sub-committee of the Board of Directors, the Policy Committee provides staff guidance related to its mission and advocacy work, including the agency’s efforts towards cultural competency.

Program and Facility

Volunteers participate in a 40-hour, 10-week training course to become a Volunteer Counselor Advocate with the YWCA's Sexual Assault Crisis Service.  Trainings are offered periodically throughout the year and an interview process to be accepted into this training program is required.  There is no cost to the training for volunteers who take regular shifts on the hotline; there is a fee for those taking the course for their own professional development.

Volunteers are accepted to work with specific groups of children and youth in programs throughout the YWCA.  Assignments may involve, for example, reading to the preschool classrooms or assisting in a craft activity with children in the Play & Learn Family Literacy group.

Volunteers are accepted to work special events (fundraising, recitals, performances) associated with programming in the YWCA Dance and Performing Arts programs.  Parents of children enrolled in programming are encouraged to participate.

Volunteer tutors work with either after school youth or adults in our Family Literacy Program, assisting with their learning in a variety of subjects.

Multiple initiatives at the YWCA require advisory and planning committees to implement initiatives or special events. Some examples include the annual Stand Against Racism event, InvestHealth work, and Childcare Parent Committees.

Multiple departments accept applications from college students who require completion of an internship or volunteer assignment to earn college credit.

We offer opportunities to assist with the clerical, front desk, or other administrative functions are available on a limited basis.

We offer opportunities to complete volunteer or court required hours are available on a limited basis to assist with building and grounds maintenance.

Become a volunteer and leverage your talents to support our work!  Please call 860-225-4681 for more information.


Meet Veronica

Introducing Veronica DeLandro!  Veronica is a member of the YWCA Board of Directors.

Find out more about her like what the YWCA means to her, what motivates her to give back to her community, and how she works to empower women.  Click to read more.

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